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QXDM Professional 3.14

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QUALCOMM, Incorporated

Diagnostic software includes real-time data collection tools for analyzing handset and over-the-air 3G system performance, such as the Qualcomm eXtensible Diagnostic Monitor (QxDM Professional).
This proven diagnostic tool for the evaluation of handsets and network performance is among a comprehensive suite of diagnostic software tools from Qualcomm that enable quicker time-to-market for new devices, streamlining of network deployments, and optimization of networks for maximized performance.

Main features:

- Displays statistics and diagnostic information
- Gives user complete control of selected parameters and settings for logging mobile-based binary data and post-processing
- Characterizes performance as specified by CDMA /1xEV Rev 0, A, and B, WCDMA /UMTS /HSPA+ (3GPP), LTE, and GSM /GPRS /EDGE standards
- QPST is a set of Windows tools designed to interface with and manipulate NV items of Qualcomm reference designs (SURFs or test phones).
- QCAT is a log file parser that gives QXDM Pro customers the ability to view their logs in ASCII text format, search for items, and export the logs to ASCII text files for post-processing.

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